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November 4, 2019
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Wood Cabinets Concord, CA


Wood Cabinets Concord, CA : When to Replace or Reface

If you are a homeowner who wants to freshen up their home before the new year the idea to reface or replace your wood cabinets might come to mind. This decision can be a daunting one, since knowing what will be cost effective or durable is challenging. At Century Cabinets, we work with customers in Concord CA, Walnut Creek CA, and the surrounding areas to provide cabinet solutions that meet their needs and budgets. Working with Century Cabinets, we work carefully quickly and ensure that the finished product is everything you imagined it would be.


Cabinet Refacing is made up of two components: installing new drawer fronts and doors and veneering of the cabinet boxes. Additionally, you can install new hardware to give your wood cabinets a new look. If you are considering refacing your cabinet doors the process can be challenging to do yourself. While there are companies that sell refacing materials and equipment, cabinet refacing requires techniques and tools that most homeowners do not have. 

At Century Cabinets we offer the following options:

  • Paint or refinish the existing cabinets and drawer fronts
  • Install a new wood or laminate veneer over the existing cabinets and drawer fronts
  • Install new doors and drawer fronts while adding matching veneer or wood coverings to exposed face frames


While cabinet refacing offers a wide range of options and is generally more affordable, in some cases, it makes far more sense to replace the cabinets entirely. Replacing your wood cabinets involves the complete removal of existing cabinets and an experienced professional with install, measure, and level base cabinets then attach wood doors and hardware. When replacing it is important to have someone knowledgeable since it is important to precisely level the base cabinets. Replacing also gives the opportunity to redesign the layout of your kitchen and add any additional features that meet your needs. 

Century Cabinets’ talented and experienced craftsmen create custom wood cabinets and other improvements throughout your Walnut Creek or Concord home. We also build custom-made countertops and entertainment centers. If you decide to remodel your kitchen, we work with customers to design and build highly functional cabinetry that’s pleasing to the eye.

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