Top 5 Kitchen Remodeling Walnut Creek CA Trends for 2022

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Top 5 Kitchen Remodeling Walnut Creek CA Trends for 2022

kitchen remodeling Walnut Creek CA

New year, new kitchen! Ring in 2022 with kitchen remodeling Walnut Creek CA to keep your home up to date and trendy this new year. No matter the size of your house, the kitchen is where people spend most of their time, whether it’s cooking or temporarily working from home. The kitchen is the hub of your house, so it’s important to love your designer’s kitchen. Here is a list of the top 5 hottest trends for 2022.

Green Marble

Green marble custom countertops are all the rage for 2022. White marble can make a kitchen classy and clean but if you’re looking to add a pop of color to your kitchen, green marble is the way to go.

Vintage & Retro Style

They say all trends make a re-appearance and this is the 1950’s retro style’s time to shine. Bright colors and bold patterns are back in business and allow you to embrace your individuality. The benefit of this style is that no two vintage kitchens will ever be the same.

Seamless Countertop to Backsplash

Looking for a more cohesive look? Using the same material for your counter and backsplash is for you. This is going to become more common in the new year as it provides a put-together and clean look, allowing other areas of the room to pop. Not every part of the kitchen has to be a new pattern, color, or material.

Bold Cabinetry

This year is all about incorporating unique colors into your kitchen. Designers are seeing more and more people leaning towards bold-colored cabinets. Try incorporating the main color and supplementing with neutrals so the space isn’t overwhelmed.

Black is Back

This ranges from all black everything to more subtle items being black. Either way, we will see an increase in the use of color. Trying a monochromatic look with black can make a space look dramatic but united and wholesome all at once. 

Your kitchen doesn’t have to be boring, you can use it as a way to express yourself. This year is all about your personality and style. If you have any questions about custom countertops Walnut Creek CA, kitchen remodeling Walnut Creek CA, or designers kitchen Concord CA, please contact Century Cabinets today!

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