Kitchen Cabinets in Walnut Creek CA

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New Customized Kitchen Cabinets Concord CA
December 11, 2016
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Kitchen Cabinets in Walnut Creek CA

kitchen cabinets Walnut Creek CA

kitchen cabinets Walnut Creek CA

Trends For New Kitchen Cabinets in Walnut Creek CA for the New Year

Century Cabinets Provides Expert Design and Installation Services


It’s a new year and time to consider those new renovation projects you’ve been itching to tackle. For new kitchen cabinets Walnut Creek CA homeowners can rely on Century Cabinets. Our years of expertise and knowledge of the prevailing trends in cabinet design, materials and features will serve you well in 2017. Whether you’re looking at new cabinets or giving existing kitchen cabinets a fresh look, Century Cabinets will work closely with you to deliver the kitchen you’ve always wanted.


Here’s a look at some of the top trends in kitchen cabinets for the new year.

  • Grays and Whites. Some say gray is the new white while others say white is the new white! Both colors are popular this year. White continues to be the most popular color for painted cabinets, but gray is gaining fast. Soft grays, especially those paired with a deeply stained wood, are a frequent choice.
  • More Functionality. Kitchen cabinet doors and drawers can do much more than they used to. One example: installing cabinets with hydraulically controlled horizontally opening doors, especially in kitchens that are short on space.
  • Light and Shadow. If you want to add some dramatic contrast to refurbished or new cabinets, consider using a dark finish that’s complemented by bright white tiles or countertops.
  • Maximized Storage. Trying to find a place for all those new gadgets you got over the holidays? Consider new kitchen cabinets that include multi-tiered drawers, pull-out storage, or on-door storage for smaller items. Such cabinets maximize the use of available square footage and reduce clutter.
  • Light It Up. LED lights can enhance your new kitchen cabinets. Adding ribbons or ropes to the inside door of your cabinets can highlight the contents, come in a variety of colors, are becoming more affordable, emit very little heat and are energy efficient, with some lasting 50,000 hours.
  • Wood Paneling. Believe it or not, wood paneling is making a comeback, letting you evoke the cabinets in your grandmother’s kitchen. White shiplap gives your cabinets a clean and modern finish on a classic material.
  • Chalk Paint. New kitchen cabinets Walnut Creek CA homeowners like include a chalk paint finish, which creates an aged and distressed finished look. Such a finish is ideal for rustic and farmhouse kitchens.
  • Accessibility and Universal Design. Kitchen cabinets are designed to accommodate an aging population and to ease wear and tear on users. Many cabinets, for example, come with deep drawer space – as much as 24 inches – that can hold all manner of pots, pans, appliances, and gadgets.

Other accessibility options include deep drawer organizers, and customizable cabinet drawers with slots to store plates or knives, dividers, stackable trays and removable boxes. We’ve even seen cabinets designed to fit a microwave oven.


Choosing Century Cabinets

We understand that you have many choices when it comes to selecting a cabinet installer. With more than 30 years of experience in custom cabinet building and installation, Century Cabinets offers free, in-home estimates and a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. Contact us today at (925) 552-0606 to learn how we can help make your kitchen cabinet vision a reality, or visit our website:

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