Kitchen Design Trends

kitchen remodeling Concord CA
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September 4, 2020
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January 4, 2021
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Kitchen Design Trends

kitchen remodeling Concord CA

Kitchens are continuously changing, becoming more modernized and efficient each year. If you are looking into kitchen remodeling Concord CA this year, visit Century Cabinets today! Here are some top trends in kitchen design this year.

Smart Kitchens

With technology constantly advancing, it has made its way into the kitchen.  Kitchens are now being designed to include more technologically advanced features such as motion sense-equipped features and lighting systems than can be controlled right from your phone. There are also now a lengthy list of smart gadgets to include in your kitchen such as toasters, dispensers and much more. This will give your kitchen a wow factor and create more efficiency in your kitchen. 

Hidden Kitchen Appliances

This year, the trend of hidden kitchen appliances is in full force. Refrigerators and dishwashers are being made with the same cabinetry front to seamlessly blend in with the rest of your kitchen. Small kitchen items such as blenders and coffee makers are now being concealed behind cabinets as well. This will automatically give your kitchen a clean and less cluttered appearance.

Two Toned

The look of two toned kitchens is very popular this year. The contrast of colors or materials in a kitchen can give a very aesthetically pleasing look. This could be the floor, cabinets or even the walls that are mismatched. This will give your kitchen a unique look and be more interesting than other kitchens. Contrasting countertops can also give a dramatic look to your kitchen especially when using darker colors to do so. Using color in unexpected places will also give your kitchen an automatically distinct look. This can be on appliances, bar stools, back splashes and much more.

For assistance or more information with kitchen remodeling Concord CA, custom kitchen cabinets Concord CA, and custom cabinets Concord CA contact Century Cabinets.  

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