Five Tips For Organizing Your Cabinets This Spring

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Five Tips For Organizing Your Cabinets This Spring

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Five Tips For Organizing Your Cabinets This Spring

Get Things You Need Within Reach


As spring comes to Walnut Creek, CA, it’s time to get the house in order. For kitchen cabinets Walnut Creek residents can take a few simple steps to get everything need in the right place. And if it’s time for new cabinets Walnut Creek often turns to Century Cabinets for custom kitchen cabinets that will delight and provide convenience, beauty, and functionality.

Here are a few tips to get and keep your kitchen cabinets in order in Walnut Creek, CA.

  1. Use Shelves Better

Shelves are a critical component of most kitchen cabinets. But how often have you settled for the height of the shelves you have already in place? Is it time to take some measurements and adjust the shelves you have to better reflect what goes inside?

Another suggestion: Use pop-up shelves where there are not any now. There are many options for stackable shelving that doesn’t require any drilling, and can keep items organized and sensible.

  1. Pour It On

Instead of struggling with expiration dates and a noisy visual inside your pantry cabinets, consider pouring it on. In other words, invest in uniform, standard sized containers that fit your shelves. Empty those foods into the containers and use erasable labels to make the contents and expiration dates. This also lets you move certain foods, such as oils, seasonings, and baking materials out of the pantry and into cabinets that are closer to where you do the cooking, your stove, and appliances.

  1. Low Is The Way To Go

Deep and low drawers are idea for things that are deep, namely your pots and pans. Reorganize your cabinets so you can keep these items from taking up too much space but also within reach when needed.

Bulky items are often a consternation in cabinet organization. Consider a pull-out drawer to store cutting boards, cookie sheets, cooling racks, and other long items in an organized, easy-to-access manner.

  1. Love the Small

For small kitchen cabinets Walnut Creek homeowners can get creative. Installing a caddy within a small drawer can maximize available space that would otherwise go to waste. Pull-out cabinets and lazy Susans are also good ways to leverage the space you already have to make the most out of small spaces.

  1. Racks and Doors

The doors of cabinets are also a good place to store those cutting boards and smaller cookie sheets. Left to their own devices, smaller, thin items can slide around cabinets and make a mess. Keep them in place with wire racks that can be hung on inside doors or in cabinets themselves. Plates can be stored this way, too.

These clever solutions can provide you with more functionality and space. Sometimes that’s not enough. If you need custom kitchen cabinets or new cabinets Walnut Creek residents turn to Century Cabinets.

Our experienced designs and cabinetmakers work closely with homeowners to create the kitchen cabinets Walnut Creek residents trust to best fit their spaces, lifestyles, and needs. Contact us today to learn more.


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