Is it Time for You to Upgrade to New Kitchen Cabinets Danville CA?

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October 12, 2016
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Is it Time for You to Upgrade to New Kitchen Cabinets Danville CA?

kitchen cabinets Danville CA

kitchen cabinets Danville CA

Century Cabinets Offers Kitchen Cabinets Refacing
and Remodeling Services by Skilled Craftsworkers

When it comes to kitchen cabinets, Century Cabinets has the expertise and experience that are the clear choice for Danville CA area homeowners. For kitchen cabinets Danville CA residents know that our 30 years of custom cabinetry knowledge is the difference when transforming the hub of the household. When cabinet refacing is the choice for your kitchen cabinets Danville CA homeowners can count on our free estimates and 100 percent satisfaction pledge to make sure the job is done right.

Decisions, Decisions

For many homeowners, the challenge is whether to reface or replace kitchen cabinets. In general, cabinet refacing is the less expensive option, as the process retains the existing cabinets. The decision in many cases rests on answering the following: Are my kitchen cabinets functional?

Cabinet refacing generally involves three different options:

  1. Refacing or painting existing cabinets and door fronts
  2. Overlaying a new laminate or wood veneer atop existing cabinets and door fronts
  3. Installing brand-new cabinet doors or door fronts

In each case, refacing preserves the existing bodies of your kitchen cabinets. Each option also allows you to change the look of doors and drawers by installing new hardware, whether pulls or knobs. Swapping the hardware can transform a look from classic to modern or vice versa.

Some kitchen cabinets Danville CA homeowners reface don’t stop with the doors and hardware. Some of our customers also choose to spruce up the look of the cabinet interiors by sanding, painting or veneering the surfaces to match refaced cabinet doors.

Such projects can also change the internal functionality by adding new shelving, pull-out drawers or rotating shelves to make it easier to access what’s stored inside.

One advantage to refacing kitchen cabinet doors Danville CA customers find is the project duration. The process of refacing kitchen cabinets is less involved, less disruptive and usually takes less time than a full remodel.

Advantages to Replacement

There are times when refacing doesn’t quite do it. If cabinets are warped or broken, it may be time for brand-new cabinets. If there is a full kitchen remodel, it is often difficult to preserve existing cabinets and still fulfill the dreams a homeowner has.

The advantages to custom new cabinets are significant. For one, with custom cabinets, you can choose the design, size, look, functionality and features of the cabinets. With older homes, there is also an issue of quality. Before the 1980s, cabinets were made of a more high-quality material, meaning new cabinets are often the choice, ironically, in newer homes.

About Century Cabinets

Regardless of your choice for reimagining your kitchen, Century Cabinets offers the personal service you deserve. We will sit with you, walk through your kitchen and create a cabinet solution that dazzles and delights. In addition, we offer a full range of remodeling services, including countertops and full kitchen remodels. Since 1984, Century Cabinets has provided hundreds of Danville CA homeowners with creativity and expertise that put a smile on a homeowner’s face. If you are looking for new kitchen cabinets for your Danville CA home, turn to Century Cabinets.

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