How to Pick the Perfect TV Entertainment Center Walnut Creek CA

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How to Pick the Perfect TV Entertainment Center Walnut Creek CA

Entertainment Center Walnut Creek CA

Entertainment centers are a major component of your living space, and choosing the right one can transform your leisure experience. The average American spends over 20% of the day in their living space, so investing in your home entertainment center is well worthwhile. Here are a few tips to choose the perfect entertainment stand or entertainment center Walnut Creek CA!

TV Size

The first thing you need to consider in choosing the ideal entertainment center is the size of your TV. After all, this is the main feature of any family room, and most room layouts are oriented around it. Generally, the space for your TV should be 2” larger than the dimensions of the screen. If you’re thinking about upgrading eventually, you may want to leave a little extra room, just in case. If you’re opting for an entertainment stand Walnut Creek CA with no inset TV, it is recommended to choose a unit slightly larger than the screen for TVs >50” and a unit slightly smaller than the screen for TVs <50.”

Consider the Space You’re Working With

Whether you choose an entertainment center or stand, you’ll need to consider the dimensions of the room the unit will be in. In making your selection, pay attention to the width and depth of the unit, to ensure it does not intrude into any walkways. Also, the height of the entertainment center or stand should correspond with the height of the couch or seating area. To ensure a comfortable viewing experience, you’ll want to match the screen height of the TV to the general eye level of someone seated. If you have a lower-sitting couch, you’ll want to make sure your TV is lower as well, or vice versa. 

Design Priorities

Entertainment centers Walnut Creek CA can be investment pieces, so it’s a good idea to opt for timeless styles and simple designs. This way, the unit will fit your space for years to come. Trends pass just as quickly as they become popular, so it’s best to follow them with smaller pieces that can be easily replaced.

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