New Customized Kitchen Cabinets Concord CA

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November 8, 2016
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New Customized Kitchen Cabinets Concord CA

customized kitchen cabinets Concord CA

customized kitchen cabinets Concord CA

New Customized Kitchen Cabinets: Cabinet Ideas for 2017

With the end of the year fast approaching, now is the perfect time to start thinking about reinventing your kitchen space. Cabinet refacing, and replacing kitchen cabinets are the perfect way to breathe new life into your home’s interior. At Century Cabinets, we always try to stay on the pulse of what’s new and fresh. If you are looking for great customized kitchen cabinets for your Concord CA home for 2017, contact Century Cabinets.


Usually when people are redecorating, they will stick with one style that they feel represents them. In 2017, interior style gets remixed. The new trend for kitchen cabinets Concord CA is to mix design styles and elements to reflect a much more eclectic taste. If you want to ensure that you’re not “copying” someone else’s aesthetic, mixing styles is a wonderful way to prevent that.


Many moons ago, one may have scoffed at the idea of vinyl flooring. But vinyl has gotten a major upgrade. Technology has made is so that vinyl is much more durable, stylish and affordable. Because of this, it’s gotten a major resurgence in the last couple of years. Now, instead of investing thousands of dollars in real hardwood flooring, you can pay mere pennies for vinyl flooring that gives the illusion of hardwood floors.


Now is the perfect time to replace kitchen cabinets. A homeowner has so many more creative options for redesigning their kitchen. If the idea of colorful customized cabinets makes you cringe (think 1950s), you can ease your fears. Luckily, cabinet manufacturers have kept the spiritedness of the 50s, but eliminated the tackiness. Now, you can customize cabinets with the beautiful look of stainless steel. Best of all, they come in an assortment of colors that will compliment any design aesthetic.


You can never have too much space. Companies are getting more and more creative with how they design cabinet storage. Homeowners can customize cabinets to suit their unique storage needs. Instead of doing cabinet resurfacing, you may want to consider replacing cabinets altogether with creative cabinet storage ideas. Deep drawers, sliding shelves and the like, are all 2017 kitchen cabinet trends to look out for.

Are you looking to customize cabinets or replace kitchen cabinets in Concord CA or Danville CA? At Century Cabinets, we are the leading cabinet retailer in Concord, CA.  We are on the pulse of all the new kitchen trends for this year. Give us a call at (925) 552-0606, so we can help you get started on bringing 2017 in

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