3 Home Cabinet Trends to Watch

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How New Cabinets Can Transform Your Space
June 6, 2018
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 What’s Trending: Kitchen Cabinets Walnut Creek Homeowners Will Love
August 9, 2018
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3 Home Cabinet Trends to Watch

custom cabinets Walnut Creek

3 Home Cabinet Trends to Watch

 Custom Cabinets Walnut Creek Residents All Love

Does your kitchen need a refresher? Do you feel as if your kitchen is dull or boring? You may just need to touch up one thing to give your whole kitchen a revamped looked, so look no further than Century Cabinets! Century Cabinets provides the finest cabinet refacing and custom cabinets Walnut Creek residents love. Century Cabinets is here to help transform your home and kitchen. Below are 3 Cabinet Trends to keep your space looking modern and new.

  1. Increased Use of Oak Wood

Oak wood cabinetry is starting to come back into popularity. This trend is popular in the kitchen and bathroom space. Oak wood was a very popular cabinet finish back in the 1970’s well into the early 90’s but started to go out of style as new finishes came into play. Now oak wood custom cabinets and cabinet refacing are making a comeback. Materials like wood veneer and painted MDF are now more common in cabinet door construction than ever. But as with other parts of the house, many homeowners are seeking connections to their past and a renewed attention to vintage, with kitchens being no different. The appeal to oak wood is its neutral color and texture. Oak wood is very versatile material for your home.

  1. Color Customization

Homeowners are no longer satisfied with cookie-cutter kitchen designs and they want custom cabinets that stand out. The way to do this is to add a pop of color. A different color of paint on your cabinets can make all the difference to your cabinet refacing or your custom cabinets Walnut Creek.  For custom cabinets, homeowners are favoring customized colors that perfectly fit their kitchen spaces. Neutral colors are currently big favorites with tones like grey, yellow and soft greens but also the darker pallets including colors like Black, navy, and emerald green has the high-end look that many desire.

Homeowners are seeking out unique colors that not only stand out but work specifically for their kitchen. If you are ordering custom cabinets, you can choose any color you want. If you already have cabinets and want to do cabinet refacing painting them is no problem!

  1. Clean Aesthetics

Kitchen cabinets are important even though they are often left out of the modernization wave. The experts at Century Cabinets know how to give your kitchen a clean aesthetic. To help fit the modernization of your home, cabinet refacing is also important. In 2018, the minimalist trend has become increasingly popular. Century Cabinets can fit your cabinets to match your home aesthetic and give you the modern upgrade you have been looking for. Contact us today for a quote!




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