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Custom Cabinets Danville CA – Summer Kitchen Makeover
June 14, 2017
custom kitchen cabinets danville ca
Custom Kitchen Cabinets Danville CA
August 16, 2017
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Custom Cabinets Lafayette CA

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How to Choose Custom Cabinets for Your Kitchen
Century Cabinets Offers Custom Cabinets, Refacing and Remodeling Services

There can be any number of reasons why you want custom cabinetry. Whether your cabinets are in disrepair, you’ve undergoing a kitchen remodeling project or are tired of your Lafayette, CA cabinets, turn to Century Cabinets. With expert and experienced craftsmen, we help homeowners create beautiful, affordable solutions to create great cabinets that meet every need.

Here are some helpful tips for choosing the right custom cabinets for your Lafayette, CA home.

  1. Decide What You Need For Your Kitchen Remodeling

Why are you redoing your kitchen cabinets? Do you need more space? Are the cabinets in disrepair? Are you looking for more or less cabinet space? The answers to these questions can help you make the best decisions for your cabinets.

  1. Select the Construction Type

Custom cabinets today come in two standard construction types. The first is framed cabinetry, which comes with rails that form a 1.5-inch frame on the front of the cabinet box. This frame is attached to the front of your cabinet doors and offers sturdiness and dimensionality to the cabinet.

This cabinet type offers more flexibility in terms of the door types you can use.

A European construction method, frameless, is gaining popularity in the United States. This contemporary look has better access to interiors by removing the face frame. The box is denser but can only be fitted with full overlay doors attached with hinges.

  1. Choose the Door Type

Standard overlay doors do not require any hardware and are usually less expensive. Finger space allows you to open doors and drawers easily while leaving more of the cabinet frame exposed.

Full overlay doors are more customized, with doors that cover the full frame. Inset cabinets have a more refined look and have the door flush with the cabinet front and are inside the frame. Special hinges are used to make sure the door fits within the frame opening.

  1. Pick a Style

There are lots of different cabinet styles available. Selecting the construction and door styles can help to narrow down these choices, but there are still plenty of options, including:

  • Arched cathedral. Recessed or raised in the frame, the door panel resembles an arched window.
  • Interiors feature single- or double-grooved stripes.
  • Flat panel. A single panel with molding
  • Glass inset. Doors act as windows
  • Raised panel. A traditional style of cabinet includes a center panel with a grooved molding.
  • Another traditional look but with a narrower frame
  1. Select the Materials

Custom cabinets come in a variety of wood species and other material options. Maple, cherry, walnut, and hickory are all popular choices today. You also want to select the right finishes, either paint or veneer. Material choices should also be coupled with a clear indication of the lighting, both natural and electric, that will be in play. Dark cabinets in dimly lit kitchens do not convey the warmth many families choose. In contrast, kitchens with lots of natural light may find that lighter colors get lost and washed out.

No matter the choices you make for custom cabinets in Lafayette CA, count on Century Cabinets to help you create the solutions that add beauty and function to one of the busiest rooms in your home.

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