Design Trend: White Cabinets

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November 4, 2020
kitchen remodeling Concord CA
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March 4, 2021
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Design Trend: White Cabinets

custom cabinets Concord CA

The trend of having white custom cabinets Concord CA kitchen cabinets has been trending for a while now and is likely to stick around! There are several ways of styling white cabinets for your own specific space and many reasons why they are so popular.


One main reason why so many choose white cabinets is because they are incredibly versatile! White is a color that can go with almost anything and can be decorated to your liking. They also could fit in many different style kitchens and give it a clean, fresh look. 


Since white cabinets are so simplistic, it gives the opportunity to add unique accessories. White cabinets could be seen as a blank canvas in your home to make your own! You can choose almost any hardware style your desire to pair with your white cabinets. Some popular examples are sleek black hardware for a modern look or oil rubbed bronze for a farmhouse style ( You will also have the freedom to choose patterns and backsplashes of your choice!


White kitchen cabinets are very timeless and will likely never go out of style. They are modern and simple. They also enhance the clean environment of a kitchen or even a laundry room. They also will look great with any color, so the trending patterns and colors to come will not clash with white cabinets.

Spacious and Bright

White cabinets can have the ability to open up any room and create an illusion of bigger space. Darker cabinets tend to enclose a space and create a more enclosed space. The natural lighting that will come in through the windows in your home will further enhance this bright and airy illusion.

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