Types of Custom Cabinets Montclair Residents Will Love

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January 10, 2018
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Types of Custom Cabinets Montclair Residents Will Love

Cabinets Montclair

Cabinets Montclair

Types of Custom Cabinets Montclair Residents Will Love

When it comes to custom cabinets Montclair, CA residents have lots of choices. Knowing about the different types of custom kitchen cabinets and the materials that can be used allows Montclair, CA residents to choose the right styles to fit their desires. And when it comes to custom made cabinets, choose an expert craftsman like Century Cabinets.

Here’s a closer look at the common types of custom cabinets Montclair residents can choose from:

  • Base cabinets. The standard base cabinets are 24 inches deep and 36 inches tall. They typically lie on a four-inch recessed riser. In semi-custom or custom cabinets, the depth can typically be increased to 27 inches.
  • Wall cabinets. Upper cabinetry is often 12 inches in depth but can be expanded to 17 inches in some custom applications.
  • Tall cabinets. Tall cabinets are typically used for pantry spaces and broom closets and are 83.5 inches in height.
  • Specialty units. When you have specialized needs to leverage available square footage and create organizational efficiency, different cabinet types can be used for multiple and varied functions. Specialty units include corner cabinets, countertop and sink fronts, suspended cabinet units, wine bottle racks, hutches, and appliance garages.

Custom cabinets can also be framed or frameless. Framed cabinets have wood around the face providing a foundation for the door or drawers. Framed cabinets are stronger and eliminate the need for a top panel.

Frameless cabinets

The main advantage of custom cabinets is the ability to provide Montclair, CA customers with so many options. When you use a local cabinetmaker for your custom made cabinets you’ll have peace of mind and a say in the design and installation.

Your locally created custom kitchen cabinets may include handcrafted boxes, frames, and drawers. When considering which cabinetmaker to work with, you’ll want to be sure you know which components are made in-house and which are purchased from wholesalers.

Another great advantage is the ability to design and use the space in the ways that work best for your vision and needs. Custom cabinets can be fitted for unusual spaces or to accommodate a kitchen layout you desire.

When thinking about cabinet types, materials are another important consideration. There are multiple wood options available, including:

  • Alder. Reddish and light brown undertones accentuate this straight and evenly textured grain.
  • Birch. The smooth surface texture features a strong and heavy grain.
  • Cherry. Red undertones highlight the smooth, close-grained, uniformly textured wood.
  • Hickory. The heartwood and sapwood creates a naturally contrasting appearance to this wood with colors ranging from blonde and white to reddish brown to dark brown.
  • Maple. The smooth uniform appearance features a subtle grain pattern and a creamy to creamy white color.
  • Oak. Colors can vary widely from pink to reddish to white with colored streaks appearing due to mineral deposits within the wood.
  • Walnut. Elegant grain patterns highlight muted brown tones and a smooth and straight wood grain.

Century Cabinets provides the finest custom made cabinets, countertops, entertainment centers, and cabinet refacing services. If you are looking for custom cabinets Montclair, contact Century Cabinets today.

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