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January 16, 2017
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Cabinets Concord CA

Cabinets Concord CA

4 Signs It’s Time to Replace Kitchen Cabinets Concord CA

The kitchen is probably busiest room in the home. Which means that the kitchen will subsequently be one of the first rooms in your house to show signs of aging. Century Cabinets is one of the premier kitchen cabinet contractors in the Concord and Walnut Creek CA area. Our expert team has helped thousands of clients select the perfect cabinets for their kitchen remodels and renovations, as well as provided residential kitchen cabinet refacing in kitchens across Northern CA. If you are looking for cabinets Concord CA, choose Century Cabinets.

Kitchen cabinets often show wear and tear faster than other areas of the home because they are exposed to water, steam and other damaging elements. They are also opened and closed a lot creating breakdown in materials. You can expect to invest in kitchen cabinet refacing approximately every 10 years, however here are a few signs to let you know you should be thinking about residential kitchen cabinet refacing.

However, to help you make the right decision we offer…


Most kitchen cabinets are made of wood so if there is a leaking pipe, water damage or even steam can cause damage to kitchen cabinets. If your kitchen cabinets look swollen, are not closing properly or are showing dark spots, you could have water damage that you are unaware of.


Your kitchen cabinets should function properly and also be functional. If your kitchen cabinets are difficult to open, its time to invest in kitchen cabinet refacing. Additionally, if you cabinets are not easily accessible, it might be advantageous to look into custom kitchen cabinets


You may have never thought of it before but one indicator that it is time to replace kitchen cabinets is if they have soft sides. If you can push on the sides of your cabinet walls and they do not feel structurally sound, they may need to be replaced.


Moldy cabinets are the worst! No one wants to put food or dishes in a cabinet where mold is growing or where it smells like mold. If you find mold in your kitchen cabinets, that may be indicative of a leak. First you will want to repair the leak. Then you may want to replace your kitchen cabinets.

When its time to look into buying residential kitchen cabinets or residential kitchen cabinet refacing, contact the best kitchen cabinet contractor in Concord CA and Walnut Creek CA, Century Cabinets. Century Cabinets is the leader in kitchen cabinet refacing, custom cabinets, cabinet design, cabinet installation and all things cabinets. Contact Century Cabinets at 925-552-0606 or .


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