Cabinet Trends This Season

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Cabinet Trends This Season

custom cabinets Concord

Cabinet Trends This Season

Light and Dark Colors, Smart Features Gaining in Popularity


Concord, CA, residents who are looking for a new look for their kitchens will enjoy looking at the designs, style, and colors that are most in vogue this year. For custom cabinets Concord residents are choosing to create effective storage solutions, streamlined designs, and modern textures and colors. The kitchen cabinets Concord homeowners are installing this year tend to have more practicality and flexibility. If you’re looking at custom cabinets or cabinet refacing, Century Cabinets is the leading contractor for many Concord residents.

Here’s a look at some of the top cabinet trends this season for custom cabinets Concord residents are choosing.

Streamlined Design

Concord, CA, residents are going for elegant simplicity. Some are removing upper wall cabinets to provide more visual space in kitchen areas, making them appear brighter and larger. If kitchens can be designed to allow you for the cabinet storage you need in other areas of the kitchen, eliminating your upper cabinets will cut the cost of your project and give you more design options.

Homeowners are adding textured surfaces, including rough-cut wood and beveled, sculpted, or stacked backsplash tiles that will complement new custom cabinets or the results of cabinet refacing.

Smart Kitchens

Kitchen cabinets Concord residents see today often incorporate smart technology. Today’s kitchen cabinets can be equipped with technologies that respond to voice commands and perform simple tasks. Smart systems can be programmed to open drawers containing certain supplies or equipment via touchscreens or voice controls.

Light and Dark

There are two nearly opposite approaches to color and kitchen cabinets in Concord, CA, this season.

White continues to, and will likely always, be a popular color choice in kitchen cabinets. Homeowners love the clean look of white cabinets and drawers and the timelessness of bright white cabinets. White is popular in combination with islands or other element that are painted or stained in different colors. Accent pieces and backsplash tiles can also stand in strong contrast to the clean white cabinets.

Grey is growing in popularity as an alternative to white. They are also versatile shades and add great contrast,

On the other end of the color spectrum, dark jewel tones are increasing in popularity. Black, emerald green, navy, and plum can add subtlety, especially when used carefully to not overpower a room.

Practical Storage

Cabinets today offer great design and functionality not seen in the standard shelving of decades past. Today’s cabinets are designed to eliminate the unnecessarily wasted space that has been common in historic cabinet design.

Homeowners can design and place cabinets today that reflect how they use their kitchens, the locations of ingredients, dishware, silverware, small appliances, cookware, and containers.

Flat Fronts

Shaker cabinet faces will continue to be trendy and popular, but flat-front cabinet panels add a modern, sleeker look. The style works best in modern kitchen designs.

Century Cabinets offers a full range of services to transform one of the busiest rooms in your home. Whether it’s kitchen remodeling, custom cabinets, or cabinet refacing, see why Century Cabinets can help design and build the kitchen you’ve always wanted.

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