3 Reasons Why Custom Cabinetry Could Be For You

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3 Reasons Why Custom Cabinetry Could Be For You

custom cabinetry

3 Reasons Why Custom Cabinetry Could Be For You

Choice, Space, and Design Make Custom Cabinets The Right Move


For Martinez, CA homeowners, adding custom cabinetry to your kitchen offers decided advantages over inexpensively produced, malfunctioning, or impractical cabinets. As a custom cabinet maker, Century Cabinets helps homeowners with cabinet design and installation that enhances the look and use of your kitchen.

Stock kitchen cabinets are often made from particle board with glue and nails holding together parts. Many of these cabinets were made inexpensively and do not hold up to the daily use of most kitchens and modern families. That’s why Martinez, CA residents turn to custom cabinetry when they want to upgrade their kitchen areas.

Here are three reasons to work with a custom cabinet maker for cabinet design.

  1. You Choose

With custom cabinets, you choose the materials, sizes, and finishes. You can decide the type of wood to use, the style you want, and where you will place the cabinets.

That means you can choose to change the internal functioning of cabinets or place them better for the way you use your kitchen. It also means you can add new features, such as spice cabinets, cutlery cabinets, wine glass cabinets, or island cabinets in places and in ways that never before were possible.

  1. More Storage Space

It’s a good bet that there’s a lot of wasted or unused space collectively in your existing kitchen cabinets. That’s because stock kitchen cabinets are designed to accommodate the broadest range of uses and functions.

Your glassware, dishware, silverware, appliances, linens, containers, and other kitchen items have had to fit into the spaces that are available. That might mean cramming items into spaces that are too small, or underusing other cabinets.

With custom cabinets, we work you to understand your stuff and how you use it. We can then recommend the sizes, locations, and functions that will allow you to use all of the space available in your kitchen in the right way.

  1. Built to Fit

If your existing or soon-to-be-remodeled kitchen is unusual, then you may need some specific sizes or functions in your custom cabinets. Custom cabinets can be built to any size or specifications you choose, to accommodate the space you have now or in the near future. You’ll be able to consider how you use every inch of your kitchen to its best possibilities.

With custom cabinets, you’ll be able to protect the environment by using locally sourced materials, including local or domestic hardwoods. When buying stock cabinets, it’s hard to know the origin of materials.

Your cabinets will also be made by local professionals with years of training and experience in creating beautiful custom cabinets. These cabinets will not be generated by a machine and will instead be lovingly crafted by professionals who know you and your needs.

Century Cabinets has more than 30 years of experience with custom cabinets, cabinet refacing, and kitchen remodeling projects throughout the Bay Area. We offer free estimates and a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

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  1. Deb Pearl says:

    I’m glad that with custom cabinets I choose the materials, sizes, and finishes. I’m glad that I get that much freedom if I choose to do custom cabinets for my kitchen. I would really love to have exactly what I want, instead of settling for something that has already been made.

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